:: Rewilding Panel (starts 2.20)

:: Hostess Stardust Magick
- discussing the importance of Rewilding
Fights for tribal peoples’ survival - stop loggers, miners, & oil companies from destroying tribal lands, lives & livelihoods across the globe - lobby governments to recognize indigenous land rights - document & expose the atrocities committed against tribal people & take direct action to stop them.
Gives tribal peoples a platform to speak to the world & had over 200 victories since 1969

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​:: Making Europe a wilder place, with more space for wild nature, wildlife & natural processes
​Indigenous Tattoo Anthropologist 
:: Bridging Distant Worlds - Empowering Indigenous futures - Reimagining cross-cultural exchange

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Creative Rewilding Landscape Designer 
::  committed to creating wildlife habitats within gardens & nature areas in an artistic way while co-creating a greener future. 

It's time we all think & act differently

:: create more green spaces that can support many various life forms & improve our air quality, create clean water systems, lower global temperatures & support all life forms.

At Rockstar Rewilding, we believe that combining rewilding, permaculture, regenerative farming & art is an answer to many intense issues we face today ..... 

“To restore stability to our planet, therefore, we must restore its biodiversity, the very thing we have removed. It is the only way out of this crisis that we ourselves have created. We must rewild the world!” - David Attenborough

"Rewilding is about reconnecting a modern society – both rural and urban – with wilder nature. " - Rewilding Europe​
​:: Rewilding yourself Apprenticeships, Workshops & Books with Rachel Corby

 Flip your WiLd Switch

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Urban Sustainable Beekeeping

Werken in het Groen - Gemeente Amsterdam

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