:: Rewilding Panel (starts 2.20):: Hostess Stardust Magick

- wonderful panel discussing the importance of Rewilding

​Indigenous Tattoo Anthropologist

Indigenous Links 

:: Bridging Distant Worlds - Empowering Indigenous futures - Reimagining cross-cultural exchange

Rewilding Links

​:: Rewilding yourself Apprenticeships, Workshops & Books with Rachel Corby

 Flip your WiLd Switch

​:: Making Europe a wilder place, with more space for wild nature, wildlife & natural processes

​:: Connecting communities with organisations, creatives, press & venues who support indigenous causes

​Fights for tribal peoples’ survival - stop loggers, miners, & oil companies from destroying tribal lands, lives & livelihoods across the globe - lobby governments to recognize indigenous land rights - document & expose the atrocities committed against tribal people & take direct action to stop them.
Gives tribal peoples a platform to speak to the world & had over 200 victories since 1969