Some Past Clients include ::
 • David Wolfe :: Health & superfood educator :: Global citizen

​ • Colombian Initiative for the Preservation of the Indigenous Knowledge about Healing Plants and the Shamanic Art of Healing

  • Freezlab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Aestatic Dance Utrecht, Head Organizer & conductor of Ceremonies
  Gardens of Babylon, The Netherlands 
  DJ Polyester, The Netherlands
  Master Balloon Sculptor, Micha de Haan, The Netherlands
  Burning Man Head Organizer, Belguim, So

  Burning Man Regional Contact, Latvia, Aya

  Burning Man Head Organizer, Netherlands, Burning Marcel
  Burning Man Head Organizer, Netherlands, Sweet Dreams aka Manon Lens
  France, Ludmilla
  High Gloss Productions, Isreal
  Holistic Hoops, California, USA 

  Savage Designs, Hawaii, USA
  Chumash Medicine Woman, Cecilia

Foto by Murray Lemley Modelling by Felix Mackemale Designs by Stardust Magick


“It is so much me. I feel my soul expressed in her design.”  Loes Fokker


“Wow! A force of light. A light bringer. Luci-ferre” 

"Wow Dexter van Toorn that is what i call a killer jacket. Star Magick, love this creation of yours!" Manon Lens aka Sweet Dreams

Fotos by Murray Lemley
Modelling by Felix Mackemale
Designs by Stardust Magick

Past Exhibits

​• Gardens of Babylon Party : WesterUnie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

• Dunes of Babylon Party : Woodstock, Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

• Pangaia Party : Club Lite, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

• Kajuyali Tour 2017

• Burning Man Decompression Art Event : Radion, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

• Burning Man Germany : Burning Burg, Lutter am Barenberge, Germany

​• Burning Man Germany : Burning Bar, Private Castle, Germany

• Open Ateliers Noord 2015, Amsterdam Noord, The Netherlands

• Noordwaarts 8, Amsterdam Noord, The Netherlands


Stardust Magick Custom Made Costumes

COVID-19 is making us evolve, Life as we've known it has been and is changing. I hope you are healthy & safe.

Wild Kat Salon's "new normal" is now silent masked outdoor haircuts, click on that tab above for details. I'm not doing Tooth Gems yet, but hope to soon. Custom design is possible & I'm open to other creative ideas concerning giving workshops,  performance and even doing something pleasantly new & unexpected. 

During this lockdown, I've grown very passionate about biodynamics & permaculture.

I am very interested in getting involved with an artistic, diverse, welcoming community living in harmony with nature.


Hopefully some positive will come out of this situation we are in, like using less fossil fuels, plastics and harming our environment as we step into a more united & caring world. I would love  more rewilding of nature to give wildlife their habitats back and more trees to remove carbon and bring oxygen & happy tree vibes into our atmosphere.

A Stardust Magick Miracle ::
Toothgems , Haircuts , Temporary Tattoos , 
Costume Design, Performance & Workshops

( click thumbnails below to see the full fotos )

I'm currently working on reusable mask designs,

made from jean and also silver threaded cotton, contact me if you are interested 

      A Stardust Magick Miracle

Have a  Headdresses, Clothes or Accessories. custom designed for you !

For a special event, festival, wedding, ceremony, performance or as everyday wear

 I create in a conscious, organic & ceremonial way & use An Eco Green approach to custom clothing design by

reusing & upcycling materials from you & my own collection: fusing, modifying and customizing old jackets, pants scarves, broken jewelry, etc.... materials can also be hunted down and bought at markets .. like  a treasure hunt

I aso lead workshops for adults children & privately to work on things yourself.