Well, Life as we've known it is on hold ,,,,

And I really don't know when or if 

I will open again for business.
In the meantime, I'm working on a youtube channel to offer up some tips and tricks concerning different topics to get us all through this.

I try to add content everyday for you
Stay saFe, big cyber Hug


Past Clients include :: 

Hilti Corporate Party, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Wastland, The Netherlands

Chocolate Club, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Butcher Secret Club, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Coachella Music & Arts Festival, Palm Springs Californinia, USA

A Stardust Magick Miracle ::
Toothgems , Haircuts , Temporary Tattoos , 
Costume Design, Performance & Workshops

( click thumbnails below to see the full fotos )

Temporary Tattoos / Bodypaint

are airbrushed on with a high quality Temptu ink

(the same ink used for superheros in Hollywood movies)

and should stay on for a day or night,

and sometimes even last for a weekend.

      A Stardust Magick Miracle