Swarovski Tooth Crystals

​1 for 40€ // 2 for 70€ // 3 for 90€ // 4 for 100€ // Discoball Tooth for 150€

Come get some Sparkle added to your Smile

( Tooth Gems / Tooth Bling / Tooth Art / tandkristal / tandjuweel / tandjuweelje )

Beautiful Eye Catching ToothGems

are glued onto your Teeth

by sparkle expert Star the Tooth Jewelry Fairy 

It’s Jewelry for your Teeth !! 

​​Swarovski Tooth Crystals Extra Large

60€ each​​ 

Gold Tooth Jewelry

1 for 100€ / 2 for 180€

Get some Gold added to your Smile 
Beautiful Eye Catching 22 kt Gold Tooth Gems 

White Gold Tooth Jewelry

​1 for 120€ / 2 for 200€

Beautiful Eye Catching 18 kt White Gold 

Gold Tooth Jewelry with Real Diamonds

150€ each

extra large swarovski tooth crystals

Note :: .02kt diamonds can be special ordered aswell as .01kt diamonds set in different gold frames

22kt yellow gold & 18kt white gold tooth jewelrywith .01kt diamonds

small, medium & large clear & rainbow swarovski tooth crystals

A Stardust Magick Miracle ::
Toothgems , Haircuts , Temporary Tattoos , 
Costume Design, Performance & Workshops

These are In Stock :

(( other designs can be special ordered and even custom made at an extra cost ))

Star The Tooth Fairy 
brings you special Sparkle & Kablingbling to your smile

based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tooth Jewelry :: Tooth Crystals / Tooth Gems​ / Tooth Bling

SMS or whatsapp Star to make an appointment at +31(0)6 49073332

​:: a fun way to express yourself

22kt yellow gold & 18kt white gold tooth jewelry

Tooth Jewelry / Tooth Gems 

are semi-permanent, painless and can be removed anytime by your dentist.
There is no drilling or pain involved. Toothgems are applied on top of the teeth with a special dental glue, similar to how braces are installed.
The tooth jewelry used is designed specifically for the teeth and are 100% real Swarovski Crystal, 18ct white & 22ct yellow dental gold plus genuine diamonds.
Toothgems can remain on the teeth from one month to one year or longer depending on your dental hygiene, eating habits, tooth structure and mouth flora. 
Tooth jewelry can only be attached to real teeth, not false teeth or veneers.

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 Life as we've known it has been and is changing. COVID-19 is making us evolve. I hope you are healthy & safe.

Only make an appointment & come if you and no one around you has the corona virus or any type of cough, sneeze, fever, loss of taste or an idea that you may be a carrier of the crown.

Arrive wearing your mask and i will temperature check you at the door. Be exactly on time & come alone.

For Tooth Gems, we will also have a consultation over what's app, I will then email you an information and release form to print, sign and bring with you. Arrive alone and let's try to have you in and out in under 15 minutes.


      A Stardust Magick Miracle