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Beautiful Eye Catching Tooth Gems

are glued onto your Teeth
by sparkle expert

Star the Tooth Gem Fairy 

It’s Jewelry for your Teeth !! ​

Star The Tooth GemFairy 
Come get some Sparkle added to your Smile with Tooth Gems

based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tooth Gems are semi-permanent,

painless and can be removed anytime by your dentist.

There is no drilling or pain involved.

Toothgems are applied on top of the teeth with a special dental glue, similar to how braces are installed.
The gems used are designed specifically for the teeth and are dental quality Crystals,

18ct white & 22ct yellow dental gold plus genuine diamonds.
Toothgems can remain on the teeth from one month to one year or longer

depending on your dental hygiene, eating habits, tooth structure & mouth flora. 
Tooth Gems are usually attached to real teeth,

False teeth or veneers are possible but may not stay as long & residue needs a dentist to remove with polishers at an extra cost to you.

Gems attached onto Invisible braces is possible

Flip your Wild SwiTch ::
Toothgems, Garden Design & Workshops

​:: a fun way to express yourself

Tooth Jewelry :: Tooth Crystals / Tooth Gems​ / Tooth Bling / tandkristal /tandjuweel / tandjuweelje in Amsterdam 

22kt yellow gold & 18kt white gold tooth jewelry

small, medium & large clear & rainbow tooth crystals

Some of the gems In Stock :

(( other designs can be special ordered and even custom made at an extra cost ))

Swarovski Tooth Crystals

​1 for 40€ // 2 for 70€ // 3 for 90€ // 4 for 100€ 

Special Designs :: Discoball Tooth, Kat Paw or Butterfly Effect for 150€ 

​​Swarovski Tooth Crystals Extra Large

Heart, Diamond or Wing for 60€ each​​ 

Gold Tooth Jewelry

1 for 100€ ((bigger 120€)) / 2 for 180€ ((bigger 200€))
 22 kt Gold Tooth Gems 

White Gold Tooth Jewelry

​1 for 120€ / 2 for 200€

 18 kt White Gold 

Gold/ White Gold Tooth Jewelry with Real Diamond


​​Preciosa Tooth Crystal    

special price :: 1 for 25€

22kt yellow gold & 18kt white gold tooth jewelrywith .01kt diamonds

Tooth Gems at Parties, Events & Foto shoots

100€ / hour plus travel costs for very temporary tooth crystals which last around 1 day

200€ / hour plus travel costs for tooth crystals which last 3 - 12 months or longer

whatsapp Star to make an appointment at +31(0)6 49073332

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extra large swarovski tooth crystals