Tooth Jewelry :: 

Tooth Crystals / Tooth Gems​ / Tooth Bling

Swarovski Tooth Crystals

Come get some Sparkle added to your Smile

with Swarovski Tooth Crystals / Tooth Gems / Tooth Bling / Tooth Art

Beautiful Eye Catching Tooth Gems

are glued onto your Teeth

by sparkle expert Stardust Magick.

It’s Jewelry for your Teeth !! 

​1 for 40€ // 2 for 70€


Gold Tooth Jewelry

Come get some Gold added to your Smile 
Beautiful Eye Catching 24 kt Gold Gems are glued onto your Teeth 
by Tooth Fairy Stardust Magick. 
It’s Jewelry for your Teeth !!
Here’s your chance to be some of the first in Europe 
to bring this fun trend in with a Golden Shine

1 for 85€ / 2 for 160€

Gold Tooth Jewelry with Real Diamonds

100€ each

Tooth Jewelry / Tooth Crystals / Tooth Gems are semi-permanent, painless and can be removed anytime by your dentist.
There is no drilling or pain involved. Tooth jewelry are applied on top of the tooth with a special dental glue, similar to how braces are installed.
The tooth jewelry used is designed specifically for the teeth and are 100% real Swarovski Crystal, 18ct white & 24ct yellow dental gold.
Tooth jewelry can remain on the tooth from one month to one year or longer depending on your dental hygiene, eating habits, tooth structure and mouth flora. In rare cases, Participant’s tooth jewelry may fall off sooner than expected, this would be unfortunate and it is a risk that Participant agrees to take.
Tooth jewelry can only be attached to real teeth, not false teeth or veneers.

Star The Tooth Fairy 
brings you special Sparkle & Kablingbling to your smile

      Stardust Magick

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Tooth Jewelry

:: a fun way to express yourself