“It’s an honor and a pleasure to have Stardust cut or work on my hair. She’s the Best Ever. I feel so happy after every appointment with her.” David Avocado Wolfe (author, lecturerer, adventurer)   www.davidwolfe.com
" Thank you Stardust Magick, you are the best stylist in Amsterdam !!! "  Victoria Golovina‎
 " The gorgeous hair style @ Xarah matches so beautiful with my hat! Thank you so much for making this shoot so incredible! " Joséphine de Bonbonnière
 " Gorgeous woman and skills! I loved the fact she wanted simply to get to know me before cutting my hair, and really explored my hair - she told me lots    of things I didn't actually know before! All this beautiful energy resulted in a awesome haircut, which I love, and hopefully also a new friend - really, I've    never known a hairdresser to take such care. Give your tresses some love with this hair transforming mistress! xXx " Lia Phi

​"Star can really work magic with hair. Even with an ever decreasing amount of hair, I always go away looking my best, and feeling stylish and professional. She works with you, and focused on your hair needs in a way that most stylists don't really have time to." David Sheep

"Thank you soooo much for my haircut!!! I LOVE IT!!! Great work as always!" Anastasia Taylor

"So happy to have Stardust as my stylist !! she is a very professional hairdresser, whit a great character , really lovely lady!!" Ana Rodriguez​​

"Such a serendipitous meeting occurred searching for a cut while on vacation in Amsterdam. This resulted in an awesome hair cut and a new found friend connection thank you so much you are a very skilled and talented hair artist ❤" Dody Yorke

"This hair salon is amazing! Star is a nice person who really helps me with my hair, more then just giving a haircut. It's clear she knows what she is doing. I use to hate getting a haircut and now I travel great distances to her hair salon. Thank you Star!" Quintus de paarse goochelaar

Haircuts - Hairstyles - Henna, Color & Hairprint Application - Highlights & Lowlights

Hair Feathers - Hair Sparkles - Hair Extensions - Dreadlock Creation & Repair

Tooth Jewelry

Eyebrow Tweezing - Eyelash Dye - Makeup - Airbrush Bodypaint

Custom Headdresses - Hair for Fotoshoots & Fashion Shows - Hair at Parties

( scroll down for salon price list )

 Life as we've known it has been and is changing. COVID-19 is making us evolve. I hope you are healthy & safe.

Only make an appointment & come if you and no one around you has the corona virus or any type of cough, sneeze, fever, loss of taste or an idea that you may be a carrier of the crown.

Arrive wearing your mask and i will temperature check you at the door. Be exactly on time & come alone.

For Tooth Gems, we will also have a consultation over what's app, I will then email you an information and release form to print, sign and bring with you. Arrive alone and let's try to have you in and out in under 15 minutes.


A Stardust Magick Miracle ::
Toothgems , Haircuts , Temporary Tattoos , 
Costume Design, Performance & Workshops

      A Stardust Magick Miracle

Wild Kat Hair Salon ::

A unique little hair salon in an art studio in the Zamen Terrein.

Stardust Magick has been a professional hair stylist since 1995 .

Hair Styling for Fotoshoots

Salon Price List

Hair Cut 45 €
Wash 10 €
Wash & Haircut 50 €

1 Highlight Streak 30 €
1/2 Head 70 €
Full Head 100 €

Hair Color 
Bio Henna 50/60 €
(you provide color) 45 €
Hairprint Application 70/90 € 

Feather Extensions 30 €

Hair Sparkles 30 €

Dread Lock Repair 30 €/hr

Shamanic Hairstyling +100 €
( Spiritual Consult, uses sound therapy, etc... see http://shamanichairstyling.com/ )

Up Do / Hair Style 
For a night out 30 € +

Tooth Jewel / Tooth Gem / Tooth Bling / Tooth Sparkle / Tooth Crystal / tandkristal / tandjuweel

 40 € , 2 for 70 € , 3 for 90€ , 4 for 100€ , Discoball Tooth for 150€

22 kt Gold Tooth Gem 100€ or 2 for 180€

18 kt White Gold Tooth Gem 120€ or 2 for 200€

Real Diamond inlaid in yellow or white gold 150€

Eyelash Color ( black ) 25 €

Eyebrow Shaping 25 €

Airbrush Bodypaint 50 € +

Hairstyles at Parties 50-100 €/hr

Custom Headdress 100 + € 
( Price varies depending on if materials are provided or not & how long I work on it )

Here’s Wild Kat Salon’s “new normal” and rules ::

- silent haircut will be outside in nature

- we can talk before the cut but no talking during cutting to minimize spit spraying since we will be in close contact with one another and not inside the “safe” 1.5 meter distance

- we will be masked : bring your own mask which goes around your ears if you have one otherwise one will be provided for you

- payment will be expected ahead of time by tikkie or transfer, haircuts will be €45 which is a little bit higher than it used to be, but necessary with all the new measures I have to take, this is non refundable if you don’t show up or cancel last minute

- you must come alone & meet me outside on foot close to my salon building:: you will receive a map with exact location

- if you, anyone you live with or anyone you had contact with has a fever, stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, loss of taste or smell, tested positive for Covid-19, or feel like you could have it, please do not make an appointment with me until 2 weeks after you feel better. If I notice symptoms when we meet or while cutting, we will not proceed and you will not receive a refund

- Ready for a new haircut experience where the birds are our soundtrack?