Star has been a professional hair stylist since 1995 

 “It’s an honor and a pleasure to have Stardust cut or work on my hair. She’s the Best Ever. I feel so happy after every appointment with her.” David Avocado Wolfe (author, lecturerer, adventurer)
" Thank you Stardust Magick, you are the best stylist in Amsterdam !!! "  Victoria Golovina‎
 " The gorgeous hair style @ Xarah matches so beautiful with my hat! Thank you so much for making this shoot so incredible! " Joséphine de Bonbonnière
 " Gorgeous woman and skills! I loved the fact she wanted simply to get to know me before cutting my hair, and really explored my hair - she told me lots    of things I didn't actually know before! All this beautiful energy resulted in a awesome haircut, which I love, and hopefully also a new friend - really, I've    never known a hairdresser to take such care. Give your tresses some love with this hair transforming mistress! xXx " Lia Phi

​"Star can really work magic with hair. Even with an ever decreasing amount of hair, I always go away looking my best, and feeling stylish and professional. She works with you, and focused on your hair needs in a way that most stylists don't really have time to." David Sheep

"Thank you soooo much for my haircut!!! I LOVE IT!!! Great work as always!" Anastasia Taylor

"So happy to have Stardust as my stylist !! she is a very professional hairdresser, whit a great character , really lovely lady!!" Ana Rodriguez​​

"Such a serendipitous meeting occurred searching for a cut while on vacation in Amsterdam. This resulted in an awesome hair cut and a new found friend connection thank you so much you are a very skilled and talented hair artist ❤" Dody Yorke

"This hair salon is amazing! Star is a nice person who really helps me with my hair, more then just giving a haircut. It's clear she knows what she is doing. I use to hate getting a haircut and now I travel great distances to her hair salon. Thank you Star!" Quintus de paarse goochelaar

A Stardust Magick Miracle ::
Toothgems , Haircuts , Temporary Tattoos , 
Costume Design, Performance & Workshops

Hair Styling for Fotoshoots

Salon Price List

Hair Cut 40 €

Feather Extensions 35 €

Hair Sparkles 20-40 €

Dread Lock Repair 30 €/hr

Shamanic Healing Hairstyling +100 €
( Spiritual Consult, uses sound therapy, etc... )

Up Do / Hair Style 
For a night out 30 € +

Tooth Jewel / Tooth Gem / Tooth Bling / Tooth Sparkle / Tooth Crystal / tandkristal / tandjuweel

((click on tooth gem tab))

Airbrush Bodypaint 50 € +

Hairstyles at Parties 50-100 €/hr

Custom Headdress 100 + € 
( Price varies depending on if materials are provided or not & how long I work on it )

Wild Kat Salon ::​

Haircuts are done outside in nature

Fairy Hair Sparkles are inside the Tooth Gem Studio

Feather Hair Extension are also done in the Toothgem Studio

- payments with tikkie, revolut or cash

- Are you ready for a new haircut experience

where nature is our soundtrack?

Wild Hair Styling at parties and Haircut parties are also possible

 Flip your WiLd Switch