Hello, I'm Star

a Transformation Artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Transforming image is my passion

through changing Hairstyles, adding Tooth Gems,  Custom designing and giving airbrush Tattoos, 

Another passion on mine is adding a magical element to parties, events and video shoots

:: by dressing up as various interactive characters such as a pirate, clown, bellydancer, angel, etc... either on the ground or up on stilts , with or without fire toys, with or without my airbrush for temporary tattoos

A Stardust Magick Miracle ::
Toothgems , Haircuts , Temporary Tattoos , 
Costume Design, Performance & Workshops

COVID-19 is making us evolve, Life as we've known it has been and is changing. I hope you are healthy & safe.

Wild Kat Salon's "new normal" is now silent masked outdoor haircuts, click on that tab above for details. I'm not doing Tooth Gems yet, but hope to soon. Custom design is possible & I'm open to other creative ideas concerning giving workshops,  performance and even doing something pleasantly new & unexpected. 

During this lockdown, I've grown very passionate about biodynamics & permaculture.

I am very interested in getting involved with an artistic, diverse, welcoming community living in harmony with nature.


Hopefully some positive will come out of this situation we are in, like using less fossil fuels, plastics and harming our environment as we step into a more united & caring world. I would love  more rewilding of nature to give wildlife their habitats back and more trees to remove carbon and bring oxygen & happy tree vibes into our atmosphere.

Foto by Kevin Morton

      A Stardust Magick Miracle

I'm very experienced in working corporate events, red carpet events, movies, music videos, festivals, weddings & other private events.

Some past clientele includes Cirque du Soliel, Red Bull, Robin Williams, SF Academy of Sciences, VH1 & Mtv.

Dedicated to artistic expression & helping create a sense of community

I have worked at events such as Burning Man, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle & Oregon Country Faire aswell as with communities like Damanhur.

Inspiration comes from world travel & Indigenous Cultures as well as from nature, animals & herbalism.

 In my unique, eco focused, Wild Kat Hair Salon in Amsterdam Noord, I accept clients by appointment

Creator of  fun hairstyles at parties as Entertainment, inventor of the Makeover Mechanix for Coachella Music & Arts Festival for many years & developer of the Transformation Station for The Do Lab & Lucent Dossier as well as WildFire Salon in the San Francisco area for Corporate Events & private parties. 

​ Come Join in the Fun **

A Stardust Magick Miracle
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