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Costume Design, Performance & Workshops


" Loveeeed your perfomance as a pirate under the Sun... full of colours, nature and magic all around!!!" 

Flávio Junger De Oliveira 

Fire Pirate Foto by Mooniek Crijns

STARDUST MAGICK :: Performance Resume

King of the Gypsies NYE Party, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2018 (Voodoo Witch Gypsy)

Wild as the Moon at Markantine, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 4. August 2017 (Ancient Americas)
Wild as the Moon at Markantine, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 9. July 2017 (Ancient Americas)

Dunes of Babylon Party at Woodstock, Bloemendaal, Netherlands, 16. June 2017 (Pirate)
Gardens of Babylon Party at WesterUnie, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 7. April 2017 (Clown)
Didgeridoo Concert at Heart to Heart Womens Event in Bussum, Netherlands
Unleashed Party, Panama Club Amsterdam, Jan 3, 2015 (Veiled Horned Mystic )
Moulin Rouge NYE Party : Koepel Kerk Amsterdam, Netherlands, Jan 1, 2015 (Clown) 
Valti Fest Amsterdam, Sept 2014 (Devil with Bullwhip)
Lightning in a Bottle Festival, California, multiple years
Coachella Music & Arts Festival, Into, California, multiple years
Burning Man Arts Festival, Black Rock City, Nevada, multiple years
Burning Man Germany Events, multiple years
Burning Man Netherlands Events, multiple years
Oregon Country Fair, multiple years
( Above are a collection of some events, I didn’t document all of them )

Fire Dancing
Contraburn Netherlands September 1, 2018 :: Fire Pirate

Burning Burg Event, Burning Man Germany, July 2017, 2016, 2015
Burning Man Netherlands, July 2016
Gift Party at Club Organza, Netherlands, Oct 2016
Art Opening Event for Jan Van der Horne, Voorschoten, Netherlands, November 2016
Crazyland presents B.I.T.C.H. Party Zaandam, Netherlands, Oct 4 2014
The Drag Olympics, Homomonument, Amsterdam Gay Pride Weekend, Aug 1 2014
Landuweel Festival at Ruigoord, Amsterdam, August 8 2014  
Open Up Festival 2014
Woodlands Festival, The Netherlands, May 31 2014
Nataraj on the Beach Parties, Meijer on Zee, Zandfoort, Netherlands, Summer 2014
Pllek Restaurant : Amsterdam, NYE 2012
Open Up Festival 2012 : The Netherlands
Wasteland Party Nov 2012 : The Netherlands
Kinky Salon : Intergalactic Disco 2012 : Amsterdam
Paramount Party
Club Avalon in Hollywood
Showtime American Candidate Party
Burning Man Arts Festival
Burningman Documentary    
Oregon Country Faire
Joshua Tree Music Festival
The Girlie Freak Show at CIA ( Californina Institute of Abnormal Arts )
Method & Red TV Show
The Jay Leno Show
The Sunset Room
Charlie’s Angels Movie
Micheal Jackson’s The Neverland Ranch
Jim Hensen Studios - Hollywood
Jim Rose Circus launch party
Cirque Du Soliel premier parties ( Varakai & Zumanity )
Guest performances with Lucent Dossier - LA
Numerous Music Videos, other Festivals, Parties & Corporate Events 

••Music Videos••     Role,  Director        

 Papa Roach “ 2 B Loved “                    Fire Dancer, Kevin Kerslake    
 Christina Aguilera "Dirrty"                     Fire Breather, David LaChapelle    
 Linkin Park " by myself "                       Star Alien Fairy, Matt Bass        
 Brittany Spears "ooops, i did it again"  Fire Dancer, Nigel Dick        
 Mandy Moore "in my pocket"               Fire Dancer, Matthew Rolston    
 Killing Heidi "weir"                                Fire Dancer, Dave Meyers        
Iron Maiden ‘wickerman’                       Pyro Pixie,  Dean Karr        
GooGoo Dolls ‘broadway’                     Roller Girl,  Nancy Bardawil    
Enrique Iglesias ‘be with you’               Dancer, Dave Meyers        

Stilt Walking
Gardens of Babylon Party at WesterUnie, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12. May 2017 (Bellydancing Stiltwalker)
Unleashed Party at WesterUnie, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 6. May 2017                   (Pirate w Bullwhip)
Moulin Rouge NYE Party at Koepel Kerk Amsterdam, Netherlands, 31. Dec 2014
Unleashed Party at Panama Club in Amsterdam w Bullwhip, 16. Aug 2014
Filini Themed Event with Nina Beem in Amsterdam, 2014
Burlesque Circus :: Tivalo, Utrecht  :: Doll at entrance w ghost on a string, 2013 Oct
Audi Opening in Amsterdam, 2012 Nov
Stilting Clowns :: Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2011
Stilting Fish :: Neverland Rave, Dallas Texas, 2011
Stilt Circus Events , LA Area, 2010-2012
Stilt Starz :: Red Bull Company Party, LA Area, Ritz, 2008 
Stilt Starz :: Black Tie Event :: Beverly Hills Hotel Party, 2008
Black Tie Event :: John Wayne Cancer Institute Luncheon
The Perfect Circus ( 2 times )
Paramount Party
Beverly Hills Hotel - Cancer Benefit
Showtime premier party for American Candidate
Cirque du Soliel Opening Party for Varekai :: Long Beach, CA, 2007
Burning Man Festival, 2008-2010
Various Weddings, Parties, Festivals, etc...

Art Theater         Role        Venue    

Girly Freak Show,  Circus Acts, CA Institute of Abnormal Arts    
Rebirth of the Goddess, Fire Goddess Pele, Dream Theater            
The Fifth Element, Fire Sprite, Dream Theater            
Mystic Family Circus, “Creation” Spirit, Cell Space                
Mystic Midway, Bubble Fairy, Anon Salon SF            
Court of the Black Lotus, Dark Princess, Tornado SF            
Dark Garden Show, Witchdoctor, El Rey Theater LA
The Golden Keymaster, Keymaster, Indie Film
Alvareen, Mystic, Indie Film

Jan Van der Horne Light Box Art
Burning Man Caravansary Poster 2014
2013 AD Clothing
Dickie’s Girl & Hot Topic Clothing Catalogues
Numerous Party Fliers & Posters
Cosmic Tribe Tarot Deck :: Lovers Card                        
Urb Magazine Article on the New Tribe                        

Boom Chicago Improv Classes 2016-2017
2009-2012  Sedona Improv - Sedona, Arizona
1 yr Clowning Classes with Stefan Haves - Los Angeles, California
2 yrs Bang improv - Hollywood, California
1991  Director Class in High School - Zurich, Switzerland
1995 - 2011 Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City, Nevada


Special Skills
Languages   :: “Party” German, Dutch, & Native Tongue is English ,, beginner Italian, French
Beginner Level 
Roller blading
Roller Skating
Balloon Animals
Jaw Harp
Slide Whistle
Beginner Advanced
Bakfiets Bicycle Driving
Intermediate Level 
Stilt Walking 
Ice Skating
Bicycle Riding
Airbrush Body Painting ( www.facebook.com/StardustAirbrush )
Building Headdresses & Costumes ( www.facebook.com/stardustheaddress ) 
Fire Dancing: staff, chains, clubs, fingers, fans ( www.facebook.com/StardustFireDancer )
Advanced Level 
Hair Cutting ( www.facebook.com/stardustkapper )
Hair Styling ( www.facebook.com/stardusthair )
5-10 minute Radical Wild Hair Makeovers ( www.facebook.com/makeovermechanix)

Teach Workshops
• Making wearable art out of recycled things ( www.facebook.com/recycledartworkshops )

• Making headdresses and costuming yourself
• How to cut hair, also your own
• Make up techniques - casual, going out, performance level, festival, foto shoots
• How to model for a good photo
• Airbrush Body Painting

Love of the Flame,  Being Tall & Dressing up*

* Stardust Magick has a passion for performance & to bring happy, whimsical fun in a professional way with her at every occassion.

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